Guided Endodontics

SICAT-guided endodontics involves the use of cone-beam computed tomographic imaging and a surface scan of the tooth in order to create a guide to perform a root canal procedure. With our guided endodontic software and surgical guide, we are able to implement your endodontic treatment in a fast, safe, and minimally invasive manner.

Step One: SICAT Endo

Our advanced software allows our doctors to identify the shape and length of your root canals easily and determine the exact working length and depth of the area.

To begin the process, we take a 3D X-ray scan of your mouth with our CBCT system. Then we use the SICAT Endo software’s cutting-edge visualization features and measurement options for your root canal diagnosis, to create your optimum strategic treatment plan.


After our diagnosis of all root canals in SICAT Endo, we order a SICAT ACCESSGUIDE. SICAT ACCESSGUIDE is the first and only surgical guide designed specifically for guided root canal access.

It allows for:

  • Better predictability of treatment
  • Highly accurate surgical guide design
  • Minimally invasive and efficient preparation of access cavity
  • Significant reduction of the risk of perforation

Your comfort and safety, as well as your oral health, are our top priorities. Using SICAT guided endodontic systems is just one way we ensure your successful root canal procedure.

Thank you so much for taking such great care of me! My tooth feels great! You all were just wonderful. Your office is beautiful. Your staff is efficient and pleasant. Now I know why all our patients return to our office raving about the excellent care they received in your office. Thanks again! Another happy patient!

- Debbie

Thank you for making me smile again. I put off having a root canal done as I was too scared! Well, the procedure was easier than having a cavity filled and I can now chew on that side again! Thanks for everything.

- Chrissy

I just want to tell you, thank you for being so patient with me the other day. I walked into your office quite scared and nervous; however, you reassured me that everything would be okay. Thank you so much. I am pain-free and it feels great.

- Brae
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